September 12, 2011


mid-autumn festival

September 5, 2011


i've forgot when is the last time i sign in here and blogged! o.O

well now, i wish to fill something in my this pages. :D
i'm fine recently. going to start my training and work at singapore in the coming next month.
and ofcourse there is too much thing that i not willing to let down here.
my family, my loves one and ofcourse my friends. :)
i just want to spend all my time with them in this short period and ofcourse i did it well. i just went travelled last few days with group of my family. :D
here my proof!

September 15, 2010

A girl with full of ♥ !

My blog had slept for so long.. It's time for me to WAKE "her" up.. HEHhhhhhee

I not really clear with where should I start my post first.
Lets start from something that I felt bliss and happy ! =D


I'm In ♥ ! =D

Yea.. I'm In ♥.. Confused or unbelievable ?
My family was all like "OMG, Girl.. You really grow up ! "

Hyee, Come on.
Sometimes I need some ♥ from a guy kayy ! =D

Yeaapp.. My darl dotssss me very very much.. And ofcourse I do so. ; )

We alwayss sweeeeeeeeeeeet to each other.. So it's actually hard to happen an argument between us =( Wahahhahahahahha

Hmm.. Darl.. I ♥ You ! :-*

Oowhhh Yea.. Trial is just around the corner. Sooo.. Wish all the Form 5 students "go smooooth" on the test. Cheeeeeeeerrrss! ; )

March 1, 2010

Everythings Happen !

I love February very much!
Every sweet moments happened.
Let's recall
Do the photo speaks:
2010/5a7 Gathering

Welcome To Taiwan !